Sometimes it might take a long time for a loan to be approved. Individuals who are interested in getting fast cash are advisable to get online loan applications. With these loans, the borrower does not have to wait for a month or weeks for the loan to be approved. These loans are associated with various downsides and advantages that you need to consider before applying for a loan.


Easy approval

Online loans are approved much easier as compared to the other loans. Most of the online lenders have low criteria that can be met easily for one to get a loan. for your application to be successful, you should meet the following requirements: having a regular or stable income, being an adult, and have an active bank account. These lenders can also offer loans to those guys who have a bad credit history. Banks are known for rejecting such approved

Less hassle

This will save you the energy and time of visiting financial institutions and filing the different documents. With banks, you are required to submit all your credentials for your application to be approved. These are some of the tiring tasks that can be avoided by applying for loans online. All that is required in this process is filing up the online forms. It is a simple process that can be done comfortably using a computer. This means that you do not have to travel to the bank.


High interest rates and fees

Most professionals will discourage you from getting these loans unless you have an urgent need. These loans have high interest rates as compared to the normal ones. They are also known for attracting a high fee in case of late payment. The late fees charged by these lenders are quite high. In fact, they can triple or double the principal amount that was borrowed.interest rates

Vague terms

Some of the online loans have strict terms and conditions. This might put the borrower in a risky situation. This is something that is made unclear or intentionally because they do not want it to be known by borrowers.

Short repayment period

The normal loans offered by financial institutions such as banks have a long repayment period. Some can be repaid with a span of several years. On the other hand, online loans are supposed to be settled with a short period. In fact, some must be paid within few weeks or months.